so hard being a SOCIAL

olivia palermo in the meatpacking district.jpgWhen Olivia Palermo informed Whitney Port of her status as a “social” instead of a “socialite,” it was all funny ha-ha, and then on to the next thing, except for that one bit in the Times.

But we just received a press release about the party for the Azzaro pop-up store in London in our Inbox, which included some rather curious wording: In it, Pippa Middleton, Kate Reardon, Selina Blow, Matthew Freud and Lady Cosima Somerset are all listed with the title “Social” next to their names.


CUT - the first german DIY magazine


We already know the DIY fashion and design books for nearly two years.Now it’s time for an own magazine CUT-Leute machen Kleider, which will appear every quarter from March and is for all the budding fashion designers and dress-makers out there!
Pretty brave to open up a title in times like these, where we are faced with closings of established print media on a daily basis.
But maybe this is exactly what we are waiting for. Even the layout is giving us an entirely new access to this whole DIY theme. Forget all the oldskool
Burda issues…
The publisher Moser from Munich came up with the idea and
independent Medien Design was authorized with the realization.
The first edition covers 170 pages, including three templates for a dress, a scarf and a bag which should be easy to follow. Furthermore there will be a feature about fashion bloggers, some photo galleries and you’re told the tricks to silk-screen printing.
If you spend 7 Euro for the CUT mag, you could check your own designing skills. Maybe it’s the beginning of your career in the fashion world….
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