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As a fashion stylist, a fashion journalist, a fashion illustrator…but most of all, as a crazy bipolar creative who lives for nothing else but mode, the pulling out of outfits is something that absorbs most of my time; not only practically, but also abstractly, bumping wild inside my head while I’m doing other things.
The point of this is that one of mine for-all-times inspirations is vintage stuff. Yes stuff. From a pair of old leather motorcycle studded boots, to a fringed Charleston dress since 8 decades ago, or just a simple pendant, I can find inspiration.
Luckily, the internet word makes the globe a smaller place everyday, not to mention the small fashion world... So, I came across with an e-mail of these awesome guys who run a great vintage online store based in London, called I Love Vintage. Let me tell you that just by seeing some of the pieces, I can say that I instantly felt like drawing them on a blank piece of paper or just owning an important amount inside my closet.. For the love of God I’d be lost trying those clothes for hours!
Here I selected some sample picks of what I think is really cool, and here is the link for you to check ‘em out and also get inspired!!! Have fun guys!


Catalogue Magazine - Michael Jasckson's Tribute - 1958/FOREVER

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not having words right now.

okay, THIS IS IT. I finally love her.

OMG, speechless


SEPTEMBER 12, 2009, @Elle

Model Hot Seat: Nika Lauraitis
Spotted at: Charlotte Ronson
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Age: 19. “This is my third
Fashion Week.”
Fashion Week Hair Saver: “I
use a lot of conditioner.
Everyone seems to be
teasing the hair and what
really helps get out the knots
is Herbal Essences Long Term
Relationship Conditioner
Fresh-Faced Secret: “I use a
Neutrogena facial bar to get
everything off—in addition
to being a cleanser, I find it
works really well as a
makeup remover. For lotion I
use one by Garnier
Nutritioniste. It has sunscreen
in it too.”
Favorite Part About Fashion
Week: “The runway part; it’s
quick and you get an
adrenaline rush.”
Least Favorite Part About
Fashion Week: “Putting on
makeup and taking it off all
the time. My hair and skin
goes through a lot!”

sweet day today

Natasha says Good Morning

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My first post: NY Girl Talk @

Hey there huns! here's the link to my first post at New York Girl Talk!

It is about one of my favorite designers, Alexander Wang!, The blog is amazing, for those you never checked it out, please do, the kind of writing is so good, bloggers are the best, enjoy!

p.d.a... I'll catch u up latter with the pics of yesterday's exposition!



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