Okay... let's see, yesterday i got a mail from Catalogue -magazine which here in Buenos Aires is one of the best ones in terms of fashion.

I have been working since that moment in a great project, with really a very little time, because the due date is today in three hours.

They asked me to illustrate a sketch in which i can reflex my style but reassembling Michael Jackson, because tonight it is gonna be a great cocktail in one of the most important - or should I said- the one, art museum here in Argentina. There is gonna be an exposition of some great illustrators inspired on Michael.
And I been honored with the invitation and I've decided to draw abbey lee because of her stunning face and the Balmain's crystal Sargent Pepper jacket and Michael's globe
..I gotta rush, i just wanted to share this with you, my beloved readers!
I'll get you back soon with some pics of the event and the finished piece!


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