As a fashion stylist, a fashion journalist, a fashion illustrator…but most of all, as a crazy bipolar creative who lives for nothing else but mode, the pulling out of outfits is something that absorbs most of my time; not only practically, but also abstractly, bumping wild inside my head while I’m doing other things.
The point of this is that one of mine for-all-times inspirations is vintage stuff. Yes stuff. From a pair of old leather motorcycle studded boots, to a fringed Charleston dress since 8 decades ago, or just a simple pendant, I can find inspiration.
Luckily, the internet word makes the globe a smaller place everyday, not to mention the small fashion world... So, I came across with an e-mail of these awesome guys who run a great vintage online store based in London, called I Love Vintage. Let me tell you that just by seeing some of the pieces, I can say that I instantly felt like drawing them on a blank piece of paper or just owning an important amount inside my closet.. For the love of God I’d be lost trying those clothes for hours!
Here I selected some sample picks of what I think is really cool, and here is the link for you to check ‘em out and also get inspired!!! Have fun guys!

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