Quotes of Malin Ones's weight battle in a Norwegian newspaper

"I was told by my Parisian agency that I had to lose two kilos in one week. I stopped eating, and even when the agency told me to stop dieting, I couldn't help it. I got ulcers, felt awful, and got skinnier and more miserable every day."
During her breakthrough season: "Sleep was almost non-existent those weeks. Strangely enough I was sort of ok. I had no time to think; about myself or about the dieting. There was no time to eat anyway. I wasn't living. I was just doing as I was told." "When I returned from Paris in March I cried and cried. I was exhausted. I had troubles with my eating pattern and went through a bad period. Yet I went to New York in the middle of March. That's where I started to compete about the large campaigns. But I fainted at work, had heart palpitations, was constantly faint and concerned about weight."
Her boss recognized the signs and let Malin go home to get well. Malin decided to take a year away from modelling, to think about what she wanted. Malin got home and got well. She is currently working at a nursing home and enjoying it, though she says; "When I left New York, my bureau said they wouldn't let me work for less than ~$9k a day (60k NOK). I had done all the hard work. Now I could reap the benefits. It feels a bit bitter, but I'm happy with my decision. I work with people here. I enjoy that."

Source tfs: translated from the paper version of (
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