erinwasson10.jpg1. What's the strangest thing in your closet?

I think people find it weird that I have a lot of long antique-lace dresses that I wear with boots.

2. Whom do you most want to have lunch with?
Dolly Parton.

3. Do you remember the first TV show that impacted your style and identity?
My So-Called Life or Laverne & Shirley.

4. If you could meet your teenage self, what would you say to her?
Hang in there and just have patience--everything will be all right.

5. Where's the best place you've been this year?
I spent New Year's in Garzón, outside José Ignacio, Uruguay. It's a totally awesome, crazy hippie town with tepees.

6. What's your idea of happiness?
Sitting on my front porch in the Hill Country of Texas watching the sunset with an iced tea in my hand after having just ridden a horse.

7. Are you involved in any charities?
I had a huge garage sale and raised $8,000 for Utah's Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

8. Do you have a guilty-pleasure song right now?
T.I. and Rihanna's "Live Your Life."

9. How do you hope to evolve as a designer?I want to create a lifestyle niche for that cool girl who's really into fashion but not too obsessed with it. I'm focusing on my Low luv jewelry line right now and doing more accessories.

10. Whom would you most like to style?
Britney Spears! I'd love to pull out her hair extensions and fake lashes and get her in her own skin for once—something raw and beautiful. Call me up, Britney.

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