VENA CAVA Backstage Beauty, is sparkly the new smoky?

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Hey there!

Hectic days of Fashion Week are still going. Yesterday I assisted to Vena Cava's show at Mac & Milk studios in the Meatpacking district, there I was stunned by the makeup art. I made a mini interview to the makeup artist and I can say that sparkly the is the new smoky! This shinny-eyed-look was inspired in the 90's and it's trashy still chic glamour. 

For getting this amazing look you will need MAC Shine, a glitter powder from Mac cosmetics. Easy and fast, you just stick the sparks on with your fingers and when you get closer to the lashes just fill in with a brush to get the patches that are missing (they did this brush thing over and over until they covered the whole eye!)

And what do you think about the nail-polish-rings? I loved them, and I have my Butter London nail polish from the gift bag and cannot wait for trying it out...



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