So.. I am back in my city, my place in the world. As many of you must know, I was born in Buenos Aires and I am an accessory designer back there, while I work as a fashion editor and journalist in New York, so I come and go several times during the year. Anyway, I came back to cold NYC and I allowed myself to fell in love with it one more time. 
So far, I walked and walked and shopped, and I even indulged my inner child-princess fetish going to Disney store. Now it’s time to see all my best friends in town and enjoy this wonderful place. Upcoming posts will be Fashion Week related so I wont have that much time to write, I have lots of events, parties, and WORK! plus Valentine’s day and some outfit posts that (as far as I’m not that into the self-pictures vibe) I’ve been asked to do it, and I will give it a shot. Feel free to message me and request anything that you wanna see me featuring the next days.. 
Thanks for being here!
Love, Belle.

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