Mary-Kate & Nate Lowman: A RIDE IN THE SUN

Mary-Kate Olsen & Nate Lowman: Bicycling Buddies

Lovebirds Mary-Kate Olsen and Nate Lowman take a bike trip together on Sunday (April 26) in New York City’s East Village.
Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, the happy couple rode their bikes to a local cafe and a clothing store before riding back to their apartment.
The day before, Mary-Kate and Nate were spotted again on their bicycles, but were seen kissing each other on the lips before they rode off.

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Olsen-bicylcing mary-kate-olsen-bicycling-nate-lowman-08Olsen-bicylcing mary-kate-olsen-bicycling-nate-lowman-02Olsen-bicylcing mary-kate-olsen-bicycling-nate-lowman-10Olsen-bicylcing mary-kate-olsen-bicycling-nate-lowman-12Olsen-bicylcing mary-kate-olsen-bicycling-nate-lowman-11

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