if you ask me what would i wanna purchase right NOW?..i'd just say one little thing: Alexander McQueen’s Britannia Clutch

For Christmas 2009 you should hope that you’ve been more nice than naughty, because with Alexander McQueen’s launch of the limited edition Britannia clutch it seems that Santa will be faced with difficulty in carrying out the inevitable sartorial demands that will follow the release of the coveted clutch- only 20 clutches will be produced. The exclusive clutch is reinvented with distinctly Christmas oriented colours and exotic, almost hissing, skins, while each luxurious piece features an engraved gold plaque with Swarovski embellishment declaring the product a ‘Limited Edition’. The piece de resistance however, is the sneering, Swarovski embedded, gold skull clasp.

The limited edition Britannia will be available exclusively at Alexander McQueen boutiques worldwide from November 2009.
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