The Scarlet Harlot.

The biggest beauty trend sweeping the runways this season is the hot red lip. Forget the acidic flouro colours of yesterday, designers are sensing a return to high-octane glamour - and about time too!
In recent years, the beauty industry has experienced that rarest of trends: FULL ON COLOUR or 'Nu-Rave' to give it its affectionate nickname. Its fair to say that this cyclical fashion ‘moment’ may be short-lived, but its impact can be felt far and wide. Not since the New Romantic era, have boys and girls been indulging in such ‘peacock-like’ self-expression – make-up being the unifying component. Thankfully, the Nu-Rave movement is on the wane, and I for one am happy to see it go. Stepping up to take its place as the hottest beauty trend however, is a return to old fashioned glamour. A return to good old sophistication. The return of the ‘Red Lipstick’. Hurrah!

The runway was awash with scarlet pouts at the AW/08 shows, with Giambattista Valli, Todd Lynn and Chloe leading the way. At the shows, the look was emphasised with clean skin and unfussy hair: simplicity is key to getting this look right. Of course, to earn your real fashion stripes, your ‘rouge’ (or crimson, or scarlet or whatever shade you are brave enough to wear) should be teamed with matching nail polish and a porcelain complexion. At DSQUARED, make-up artist Val Garland described the look as, “Slutty librarians. The Queen Of Hearts becomes a tart… Its lipstick. Its STRONG.” MAC’s Terry Barber agrees, “Red lips have never really gone out of fashion…. it just gets reinvented every season and this Autumn/Winter is all about the vamp. Cherry stains and blackened reds, a little dark, slightly romantic with a little nod to 70’s Biba and the silent movie star. It’s a strong look.” With icons such as Dita Von Tesse working this look to perfection, it was only a matter of time before it translated into our everyday lives.

And of course, it didn’t take long for these runway looks to translate to the beauty counters. MAC got there first with their ‘Cult Of Cherry’ collection. A range of deep red lipsticks and lip-glosses, these shades will liven up even the greyest of lips. Dior too are pushing the trend, with their Rouge Dior Satin Collection – inspired by the red satins favoured by Christian Dior and the great John Galliano.

‘Rouge Dior Satin Collection’ – Available from
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