7:42 a.m.

Good morning sleepy-heads, I’m happy today!! I guess when I finish works I feel kindda free,
Certainly happy, and also complete. I gotta wait a two-weeks period in order to know if my new project is coming out and when, so i'm nervous but really wiling for it to happen..
In plus, I am really thrilled about how many young girls had written to me and also added me to messenger, and when I say young I mean 14, 15, 16 and even a 10-year-old fashion lover? OMG! is fashion inspiring such young aged girls/boys?.. I think it is amazing and, personally, flattering.. But, what about runways?
The bodies of some top beloved models are really emaciated this season, girls slimmed down tons and I'm not sure if it is being followed as a 'to-be' example...
Yesterday at Chloé show (subject I'll be posting latter because it was my fave), I saw all girls super cute and beautiful... but at Chanel while a couple of girls where glorious, some others - I won't name them- , were just not-healthy, and it is a pity..
I guess it is a known, talked and also tiring subject to bring up... but.. we just don't have to get accustomed..

Well then, I have a Betsey Johnson's story to finish writing for my column on, so tll!!
have the best day!

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