FASHION LOVER IN N.Y - now on itunes!

FINALLY! here's the link and review of my brand new application that I did for Apple, it is available on iphone and ipod touch itunes!. I narrate a mini story about a fashion lover named Chloe that arrives to the city and gives some fashion tips in order to fit and live in the cosmo-fashion capital of the world! Hope you like it!!


Belle Kröl is an illustrator and fashion journalist. Or rather a lover of aesthetics, style and the fashion world. Models, designers and trends are an inspiration for her creations including pencil drawings, digital images and texts.

Her search for beauty is reflected in her different pieces of work and in her nature.

In this application you will find:

- Me, the city and the basics: articles and advices of a young woman who has just arrived in New York and loves fashion.

And a whole range of cool designs and sketches, specially designed for every occasion:

- Working girl look: clothes and accessories illustration gallery

- Cocktail Look: clothes and accessories illustration gallery

- Sporty Look: clothes and accessories illustration gallery

- Soho Girl Look: clothes and accessories illustration gallery

- My muses: models illustrated by the author

Belle proposes us not only to gaze at beauty, but also to incorporate it to our everyday life.
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