Good morning!

Hey there! It's been a while since I last wrote here, but I am sooo busy I just make pic posts,
anyway, how are you? I'd love to say that the Perricone MD winners are very happy and would love
them to write me about the product, did you like it?
Me, I'm not that good, too much work and I am poisoned because of seafood since 2 weeks now.
It is the worst eveeer, NYC has really great fish, but I came across some really bad one, lol. I just hope my face gets better because I'm having terrible furious pink circles and it is NOT GOOD! im worried about that, maybe would need a peeling later. sucks.
About fashiooonnn, what do you think of the latest collections in Europe?, to tell you the truth, I'm not a big fan of pretty much any of them, the ones I post are the ones i loved, that's all. I'm rough this season ahahha.
Stay tuned, I'll be posting Kenzo today, LOVED IT! really boho-hippie-chic, ethereal and feminine/masculine mixed, which I just loved. Didn't like too much Chanel, but the tweed's signature is present and those are always timeless pieces, beautiful. Not liking that much fur tho..okay.. oh yes! and MCQueen, just amazing.
I leave you guys, gotta rush as always, love u and have the best day!
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