When you need more closet space and you’re Erin Wassson, what do you do? Certainly not call a handyman. The model turned designer takes building matters into her own hands, gets out the power drill, and watches the mouths of boys drop. ”Why hire somebody to do something so simple?” she said. “You just have to have big old power tools.”

Everyone knows and loves the personal style of Erin, and even if it’s exactly your look, we’ll bet there are bits and pieces of her look that you embraced into your own fashion mantra. Day after day, she’ll appear in an outfit that consistently draws attention from street style blogs and editors alike. So just how does she do it?

It’s all a mix of vintage finds, personal alterations, designer pieces, and fast-fashion. ”When you can take something that is a reject at the thrift store sitting on the bottom of a pile of junk and make it work, make it look interesting, that’s real style to me.”

Now, not everyone has designers as their best friends, but with a bit of perseverance and attention to your wardrobe, a closet like Erin’s is slightly attainable. Troll the vintage stores, especially those outside of NYC, stock up on random finds, and don’t be afraid to alter items to make them your own. After all, if Erin taught you anything, it’s that style is all about being personal and individual.

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