on the marc

Marcjacobs_gq0508>> "Marc Jacobs doesn't give a f***," an article in the May 2008 issue of GQ tells us, punctuated by a flippant picture of MJ with strategically-placed pink balloon. Well, maybe not, but do we give a f*** about the "new Marc," outspoken and outrageous as he is?

Author Lucy Kaylin uncovers the reasons behind the transformation:

»Why the big diamond studs?

They're Harry Winston, and his "BFF"-cum-trainer "Easy" told him: "Dawg, you're a superfamous fashion designer—like, what about some bling?" Hence the studs. And matching black-faced Rolex.

»Why the random tattoos?

He has a bright yellow SpongeBob on his bicep, a scene from Poltergeist between his shoulder blades, and a midcentury-style couch above his hip bone, all just because the images struck him in the moment. He couldn't care less about the disfiguring permanence.

»Why the stringent diet and workout regimen?

He was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, the same disease that killed his father when Marc was only 7. A nutritionist, Lindsey Duncan, recommended a monastic diet—no flour, dairy, sugar, or caffeine—as well as exercise. Jacobs was so enamored of the results he made the regimen his religion.

»Why the apparent personality change?

He vows that there was no such thing: “It’s still only a facade. I’m still the same person. My sex life, my sexual interests, my libido, are exactly the same as they always were. It hasn’t changed my wiring or my instincts.”

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