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Another Star is Born

michelle trachtenberg brown hair.jpgIf you had any doubt that Michelle Trachtenberg is the next big prime time thing, think again.

Just four days after the announcement of her induction into the Gossip Girl cast, and we're already being bombarded with PR e-mail blasts like, "Michelle Trachtenberg selects Lela Rose for the 25th Annual Paley TV Festival for Buffy the Vampire Slayer!"

We're already wondering which of the GG cast will end up the Katie Holmes of the bunch, the one that actually continues to be legitimately famous well after the show has ended.

We'd normally bet on Blake, just because she's so cute, or maybe Leighton because it appears that she can really act, but now we're thinking it could end up Michelle, who has by far the most experience of the cast - and she hasn't even filmed her first scene yet.

Clearly, at least a mid-summer Teen Vogue cover is in order here.

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