Glam Greys @fashionista

01m[1].jpgLast August in Vogue, Kate Moss named two things she’d never wear: sneakers with an evening dress and sweatpants.

But even though Ms. Moss refuses to wear sweatpants, the trend’s been gaining momentum and is now solidly in the spotlight.

Back in November, Alexander Wang—prince of the laid-back, but still sexy, look—put up some sweat and thermal shorts. Now we’re seeing them pop up in Resort collections. Helmut Lang and Rag & Bone (pictured) did their own slinky versions, and today Garance shared a fun and easy DIY with us: cuffed sweat shorts created from sliced American Apparel jogging pants.

We’re big fans of sweats (we love our AAs as much as Garance loves hers) and are glad they’re getting a make-over. Are sweatpants the new leggings? After all, we kinda felt that leggings had run their course once they started pretending to be jeans and loose grey cotton’s far more forgiving then pandex bike shorts.

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