Well, seems like all the people following -supposeddly- every-Coco-move on twitter, now can be pretty sure they are just Not.
It seems the girl is not a twitter bird after all; accordint to what Coco wrote on her blog - quote - "So I've been hearing of this twitter and have no clue what it is. Then I find out that I'm supposedly a member and have been posting for quite some time. It's funny to me how many people pretend to be someone they are not. For those who think they are friends with the real Caroline Trentini on My Space or the real Behati Prinsloo on Facebook you might have been tricked. As for me I don't have a my space account or a Twitter account. The only way to find out what I'm doing is threw my blog and Facebook. So those who have me as a friend on My Space so sorry but its just some impersonator trying to be me. That goes for a lot of models out there".
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