Good morning my loves!, how are you this Saturday?? I've been really really busy this last week,
as I've told you before I am doing this trip and leaving to
morrow, and I have been totally stressed
out and arranging details.
I'll be working a lot on NYFW, I'll be covering for and lots of other things more..
I'll try to update the blog as much as I can, as twitter, (which I am starting to be more friendly with
lately, lol). I am also considering of making a new parallel blog in order to post everything of the
experience in that one, but I am not very convinced..what do you think?; anyway! I'll come with a lot
of news and surprises for you!
Here I leave you one of my last illustrations, it is the recreation of Anja Rubik for Vogue. That last editorial
inspired me too much, the snakes and her fierceness, her face and postures...I think it is just amazing and I
needed to put that on paper! I am more than inpired, I guess I am kinda obsessed with snake prints, eds and
stuff.. -a little scoop- there is a saga for this drawing, and has to do with Alexander MCQueen's new add (the
best of all for this ss2010 in my opinion) and some more... I am doing a cobra research work in this studio!
Well, Im going to keep on working...Hope you guys like it, I really do! I hope that you have a great weekend
too, ttyl!

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