hey there!

So how was your weekend? Mine was good, not the best little stressful. In a week from
today I'll be about to set off to the airport, because I'm going to NY yey! cannot wait any
Anyways..I'll talk you guys about it later this week... now i'm just trying to concentrate
on this drawing that is driving me CRAZY. I gotta get on board and start working on this
year's new projects.. btw, how many of you own iphones? And what do you think it would
be what you'd love to see in a new fashion app? feel free to write me some ideas maybe we
can make it work! :)
Ok now... I'm really starving here, and I think I'm smelling popcorn downstairs. I'll get back at
you my dears! I really appreciate all your emails, I hope I could answer them faster! but I am
more than bussy these days..
Okay, I'm gone.. please tell me how your weekends went and just anything you feel like to say,
I love your replies!

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