Guten Morgen Mode!

Hey there! Good morning and good Monday! It is 9 a.m. and i felt I had to write a little bit,
how was your weekend?.. mine was really good despite all the things that happened to me :(
small review: During fashion week, I went to have lunch nearby Bryant Park almost every day,
I won't tell the name of the place, but it is one of the most popular ones during those fashion days.. so the thing is that I had shrimp and seafood for three days in a row, and I got was sooo bad that my stomach hurt all weekend and I had these awful rush and pimples in my body and face (not sexy nor fashionable, LOL ) so here I am, I woke up and before my daily coffee I got tons of makeup and foundation in order to hide this!! it is dried now but still looking terrible, I wanna die! if u have tips it is so welcomed ahahhaa.. In times like this I wish I could have a make up company or something lol.
A shopping day in the Soho may help, but with a mask please! :P
Ok, time to go, later today I'll be announcing the Perricone MD give away winners!!

Hope you have the best day, tell me what you did this weekend if you like to, or whatever you feel to write to me..
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