is fashion week week! I'm SO exited!

Okay, so! It is Fashion week this week, and I am really very enthusiastic about it! I've already
had my New York big cold/flu the last 8 days... so I am ready to get on moving and enjoy what this
designers are gonna show us this following days, how the models are gonna show it to us, and
everything that happens around this event.
I am living with two Russian models, their names are Irena and Gigi, they are from Whilemina, they are the cutest and sweatest girls I've met these last months, they are twins (but don't look like it) and we are going to see them walking in some shows, I hope they get a lot of jobs after so many castings they are going to everyday! I also went to Women management agency last week, and I've seen lot's of girls we will see walking too, (they are sooo cute).
I promise to write more now on, I am feeling better finally! I'm also going to upup all the pics that I'll be taking from Bryant Park, and all my coverings and writing will be available at and I am also trying to get more inspiration, because the freezing weather seemed to have frozen it for me, so I'll be trying to get inspired and draw some good pieces too. Okay, I guess that's it. Oh! also Coco Rocha and a lot of great people will be doing a benefit event for the Haiti people, I'll be posting all the info later, but I'll be assisting to the event so I hope to capture some good shots from it too.

I hope you have the best best week, I would love to see your comments, what are u doing these days and how are you gonna enjoy this new season of runway shows!
I missed you a lot!

PDA: Perricone MD's giveaway is gonna happen this week! keep posted and don't forget to comment below the original post a few days back!!!!

Now, I have to ruuuuuuuuuush


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